Available Programs for Single Mothers

Stressed Woman With Newborn Baby Working From Home Using Laptop Everyone faces difficulties every now and then, especially single mothers. Various changes could affect the living standard and general welfare of single mums that call for concerted efforts to alleviate. That is why there are programs specifically established to help single mothers in most states. States and some private establishments have combined to offer various helps to single mothers. Most Programs for Singles Mothers are through federal government interventions. This is so because some states do not have autonomous resources to provide help for single mums. Consequently, federal assisted programs are available to help single moms take care of their families, financial and personal needs. Let us consider some of these programs that single mothers can easily access to cushion the effects of sudden life changes placed on them by circumstance.

DHS program
DHS (Department of Human Services) is a good program that has consistently helped single mothers in almost all the states. This program has proved helpful in providing for single mum in need of various assistances including financial help. In most cases, grant is given to help single mums pay for childcare and the like.

Food stamp program
Every states in the US, though has different policies regarding this, still have some form of assistance closely related food stamp. Most states do try to provide some kind of help through food stamps. The way it is structured is to specifically help pay for and buy nutritious food for their families, which they might not have been able to do on their own.


Homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing program
The homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing program was established as an important part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This program is to make available an estimated $1.5 billon to low-income single mothers and families. The main goal of this program is to help struggling families and especially single mothers to avoid eviction by granting them temporary grants. This short time grants offer assistance to pay rent, utility fees, and other necessary living expenses. Moreover, the program also offers counseling on houses as well as mediation assistance.  Family’s income determines the eligibility.

Utility Assistance Program
Most states also provide utility assistance for single mothers. This is another unique way that single mothers are being helped to cope financially. There are many utility companies out there who are offering financial aids to single mothers. This is part of social responsibility required by the state in which they do business. This utility assistance is supported by federal funding and many utility companies are given tax breaks from the IRS for given this assistance. In order to be eligible, a single mother who is in need of the assistance must demonstrate a financial need. There may be requirement to provide proof of such need in the form of recent pay stubs and any child assistance that is received.


Debt Consolidation Program  (Recommend)
Debt consolidation programs are generally a big loan that is used to pays off other smaller loans. They can be very beneficial to borrowers and single mothers. The program is good for some situations. For instance, If you’re single mother who is paying several different loans off,  it will be far easier if you consolidate everything into a single loan. This will give you only one monthly statement and you can make one payment. One company can particularly be helpful regarding this. You can fill out the short form to get you started here:  

http://www.nationaldebtrelief.com/  or call: 888-605-7859.

TANF Program
TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), this program is a service that is provided to help single families temporarily regain their balances financially. Most states offer this grant and support in order to boost income temporarily.


Healthcare Assistance Program
Healthcare assistance or simply Medicaid is another federally funded program that is available to single mothers and low-income families who are eligible based specifically on need. Medicaid makes medical coverage available and thus minimizes the overall cost of healthcare for the single mother. This healthcare assistance program is available in all states. However, income requirements for single mothers may be different in each state. But, eligibility for this program can take some time before one can access it. The requirements for Medicaid  is the reason most states have emergency medical care support in place to help alleviate the burden of healthcare costs during the time the single mum is waiting on the eligibility determination and approval.

College Grant
Some states also make provision for college grants. This program is aimed to help single mothers attain their educational goals. If you’re single mother who is schooling, you can learn more about college grant opportunities that are available from your college’s financial aid department. You will discover that there are many options to help you able to start or finish your college degree.

Rent Assistance
Rent assistance program provides rent support to single mums in need. Single mothers who are finding it difficult to put a roof over their head while raising their children can seek for assistance through this program.
So far, with the programs we have discussed, single mother can rest assured of help whenever they need it. These programs can help alleviate daily burdens on single mums.

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