If you are a single mom, you no doubt know just exactly how difficult life can be when you look at the pile of bills at the end of the month. Bills can certainly make our lives a living hell, struggling day to day to make ends meet and at the end of the month you spend hours with the calculator furiously trying to balance your income with your expenses. As is usually the result you can’t clear them all and you have to roll some over to the next month. As a single mother on a tight budget, just one unexpected event can mean that there won’t be enough to go round. Different scenarios like, one of your children got sick and you had to miss work and pay in order to stay home and care for the child or your car broke down and you are faced with a substantial repair bill and stuck without transportation to make it to your place of work.

Ignoring the debts is definitely not an option and as a single mother you shoulder all the responsibilities down to the last penny, and if you are a single parent raising children then you are bound to experience hardship.

Although the fact still remains that with the level of awareness out there people just choose to ignore the fact that there are ways to take care of these debts and lessen their burden. There are so many ways for single moms to tackle debt and gain Emergency Financial Assistance For Single Mothers. Below are a few of the best ways.


This is basically where you get to take out a loan to pay off some of your smaller debts and consolidate the rest of your debts all into one at the same place. By doing this you’ll only have one monthly payment instead having to owe at various points of the month. The bright side of this option is that all your debts are handled at one place thereby reducing your debt interest significantly and by using this method its easier not to miss your monthly payments. Many organizations offer you this opportunity but I Recommend: National Debt Relief (ph# 888-605-7859) as the best.

At National Debt Relief single mothers are provided with the best emergency financial assistance to help ease the burden of debts. With the state of the current economy, more single mothers than ever are looking for ways on how to get Emergency Financial Assistance For Single Mothers. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, you can get the money you desperately need when you require the help. While we understand that single mothers have been hit the hardest, we are currently providing more resources for these admirable individuals more so than other minorities as they happen to be the ones most affected. They offer a range of services from personal loan, credit card consolidation and debt management plan consolidation.


In every county there are designated agencies that are established to help individuals in times of financial need. Local non-profit agencies are setup to assist single mothers with issues like housing, utility bills, day-care assistance, food, clothing and other valuable necessities. Every Single mother requiring this service will be required to meet with a caseworker who will discuss their program and input their information, including your earned income, proof of residence, past due bills and dependent information because they will base the amount of your grant off of your assets and other personal criteria. Some of these local non-profit agencies include:


-Rent assistance -Transport assistance -Department of social service -Medicaid and Medicare -Department of human service FEDERAL ASSISTANCE ORGANISATIONS

Through government programs, there are grants of different structures for single mothers. Though the task can be very challenging to sift though the sometimes hundreds of grants that are available. The best thing to do is consider what exactly you need the money for, and what makes your situation unique as this will help you choose the right plan.  This will help narrow down what grants you should consider. Sometimes these grants are on the state level funding programs like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) for day to day expenses like food. Any single mother seeking help should look into these programs for assistance on their expenses.


Another way is through home equity. There happens to be a lot of federal programs to help single mothers find a home. Once you are a home owner, you can use its equity to help with your current debt or secure a loan. To do this, first you have to make sure you’re not behind on your mortgage, and you also have to have a decent credit score, because you’ll need to apply for an equity loan.


In general, a home equity loan is a lot easier to secure than most other loans. It can usually be tacked on to your current mortgage payments. The nice thing about this kind of loan is that they come at a very low interest rate, and you get this as a lump sum, which you can easily use to offset your bills or whatever else you need the money for. Just bear in mind that you’re putting your home up as collateral when you take out this loan, so you need to make sure you take necessary steps to pay it off.

On the other hand, grant is another good option and the key to this is securing a grant so you will be able to pay your tuition fees and offset your expenses. So many methods exist in enabling a single mother secure Emergency Financial Assistance For Single Mothers and while the above listed methods are not the only ones available, they are top of the list and every single mother out there will have less debt to worry about by securing one of this assistance.

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