Famous Celebrity Single Moms

HBerry_HollywoodSingleMums_GL_26jul10_pa_b_592x888 Celebrities, especially women, are human just as we are. Some of them are also struggling to raise children on their own and be the best single mothers they can be. Of course most of them can afford to hire the best babysitters and to send their children to the best day care centers, but even if they can, the struggle as single mothers as any other single mother would.

  • Sandra Bullock
    After winning the Oscar for her role in ‘ The blind side’ and later divorcing her husband because he was cheating on her, Sandra Bullock decided to adopt a baby boy called Louis Bardo from New Orleans. Even in such stressful times she found strength in herself and decided to move on with grace and dignity. This is what makes her great mom.
  • Halle Berry
    Even though she’s considered to be really beautiful, she’s the living proof that beauty doesn’t bring happiness. After two failed marriages she finally had some good news. She got pregnant by her beautiful model boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey. Though everything seemed to be working out for her at the time the couple split and she was left to be a single mother.
  • Kate Winslet
    It was a huge surprise when Kate announced that she was separating from her husband Sam Mendes. But they both called the split extremely amicable and it is certainly that way because they have since been seen together with their kids.
  • Kate Hudson
    After splitting up with her husband Chris Ronbison, and dating a number of other main, the number one man in Kate’s life has been and also will be her son Ryden. She and Chris are still close and they say that the most important thing for them is for their son to be happy.
  • Denise Richards
    After her very nasty divorce with Charlie Sheen, she has been gives full custody of their daughters Sam and Lola. She since has her hands full with being a single mom, taking her daughters to the playground and taking them camping, which shows that she really manages to struggle her wait out of being a single mother.
  • Liv Tyler
    Even though she does not have a husband to be the main man in her life, she still has another man who is even more important – her son milo. She says that se doesn’t need other man to complement her because Milo does that all the time picking up the best words possible.
  • Kate moss
    Even though she is considered to be the hottest supermodel, to her daughter Lila she is only a mom. They live in a huge townhouse in London and she likes to spoil her daughter, but it is good to see that she is managing herself as a single mother.
  • Britney Spears
    After a lot of major low points, and losing custody of her boys, Sean and Jayden, she finally decided to build herself back up. We can now occasionally see her with her boys, taking them to the pool or to the zoo.

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