Free daycare for single mothers

Young single mother looking for a job When you are a single mother you want your child to grow up happy and satisfied. That’s why you trying to provide everything that is necessary to him or her and one of the most important things that you have to think about is how to find an affordable daycare center. Fortunately there are a lot of programs that exist which are mostly funded by government that provide you with free daycare. What are you will be able to apply to some of these programs depends on your income level, the age of your child and the place where you live.

If you are not able to afford daycare you need for your children you might apply to some of the programs that the government offers.

  • Childcare assistance – This is a government program that is designed for families that have low income and cannot afford child day care. Whether you’re eligible to receive this kind of funding depends on your monthly income. You may get totally free child care assistance or you might be given some of the money that you need for the day care.
  • Head start – This is a national program run by the Department of Health and Human Services. It is designed to assist single mothers who have a low income and whose children are between the ages of birth to 5 years old. Foster children are automatically taken into this program. If you are eligible for this program you will receive totally free childcare for your children.

If you are not eligible to receive assistance from government programs you might consider some other alternatives.

  • College and church daycare – Many colleges and churches offer help for single mothers to afford child to daycare. Churches offer daycare either at a very low cost or for free to mothers who have low incomes. Colleges might provide daycare for single mothers who are considering enrolling in college. Since there are daycares that do not cost much in colleges, single mothers can continue with their education and without the need to worry about how will they pay for child day care.
  • Dependent care assistance program -This program allows you to save a sum of money from each of your paychecks to help you afford childcare. The sum is taken out before taxes and you can use it to pay for daycare, kindergarten or babysitting.
  • Subsidized daycares – If you’re not able to afford quality daycare, you might consider subsidized daycare. This kind of program does not provide you with cash, but it lowers the cost of daycare. Many of these kinds of daycares work on a sliding scale, so you will only pay a certain percentage for the day car. If you have a very low income or no income at all you might be granted free daycare.

If you need assistance with child day care you might want to look for grants in your area. Contact the Department of Health and Human Services and you will receive assistance and advice on whether you are eligible to apply to some of the programs the government gives. They will also help you find subsidized daycare in your area or colleges and churches that offer daycare as well.

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