Overworked businesswoman at home Over the years, all tiers of government have made moves to set up programs that will alleviate the pain of single mothers who are wallowing in poverty. The government has billions of dollars in place for diverse programs specially designed for single mothers. Also, there are thousands of local, state and federal government programs available to help single mothers pay for everyday bills and fulfill some of their dreams. Statistically, the federal government spent $943 billion on the lower income Americans including single mothers in 2013 alone. Though most single mothers work several hours than normal, they still have a higher tendency of falling into poverty because of the numerous responsibilities they have to handle alone.

The significant amount of money that they federal government spends every year on single mothers can help them to take care of their children, go back to school, buy a home or even pay overdue bills. Sometimes, some of these programs from the government are reserved for single mothers with a certain income level so you must ensure to understand all the requirements necessary to receive your own benefits. Some requires that you apply as quickly as possible because of the eligibility requirement of first come, first served. While others may require that you submit a written application letter, the entire eligibility criteria differ from program to program.

Often times, it may seem as if these government programs are hard to come by, well, it’s only true if you refuse to follow due procedures. The only reason a single mother will be rejected is if she does not meet the eligibility criteria. That’s the reason I often emphasize that you first focus on getting to know all that is required of you to guarantee your approval. The fact is that most of them even depend on where you live, so, you should start your search with your local government.

There are numerous government programs for single mothers and I cannot possibly cover all in this article but I’ll like to share some of them with you so that you’ll have an idea of what I’ve been discussing if you don’t already. I’ll also give you a brief description, so here they are below;

This simply means Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. The eligibility of this particular government program changes with time. So, if you have been rejected before, you might want to check back to see if your eligibility criteria has changed.  Due to the government understanding of the struggles of single mothers, they provide short term financial assistance and work opportunities once they are qualified.

Currently, The Pell Grant Program is the largest student aid in the United States of America. The program has fulfilled numerous single mothers dream of going to college and you might just be the next. The amazing thing about this program is that they give you free money that does not need to be repaid. Complete their free application, meet their submission deadline and you might likely be on your way to college as a single mother.

Alright, that’s where I’ll conclude this article. There are numerous other government programs that I’ve not even discussed, but not to worry, you’ll get to know all of them in a future post.

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