List of Housing Grants

grant 4 The housing grants that are available today are broken down into three major categories, namely rent assistance, home improvement grants, and the purchasing grants. The funds that are offered will depend on different factors, including location, income requirements and grants received in the past. The programs on housing grants can also be administered by various agencies.
In the US, the agency that commonly issues housing grants is none other than HUD or the Department of Housing & Urban Development, with one of its missions being the goal of offering affordable housing to the people. Even though paid for using national money, these grants are usually administered on a local level through a county or city office which will depend on the state that is involved. This means that the applications are handled through a particular local office that has been designed to assist in expediting the process and keeping the decisions as local as the situation allows.
Among the most attractive kinds of housing grants are the ones that help with the down payments. Most of the time, these grants are being offered for the first time home buyers online. People who can enjoy this kind of grant can call themselves lucky as it will not just help reduce the monthly payment for at the same time, these also give the homeowner a chance of building an instant equity.
Rental assistance is also a famous form of housing grant which is being administered through HUD under the U.S Code’s Section 8. The program can help in making a partial payment for the rent on a certain unit. But even though the payments are only partial most of the time, these can also be a substantial part of the whole rent. The eligibility of an applicant and how much he or she is qualified for is identified through the process of application by considering factors that include income, existing liabilities and household size.
Usually, the ones who want to apply for a rental assistance grant will have to be in a waiting list due to the high demands for grants. This low-income housing program is really popular, with most cities finding it difficult to keep up with its demand. The moment a grant becomes available for you, you can keep this grant so long as you will meet the requirements of eligibility. But, a periodic eligibility review will be needed.
Remodeling or refurbishment housing grants are also available from one of the two different agencies. The grants can be issued as a portion of a typical HUD program. But in instances where there were natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, there are also possibilities for some of the housing grants to be offered through Federal Emergency Management Agency. During these cases, an applicant will have to submit proof of the damage caused by the disaster.
Right now, here is the list of housing grants available.

  • Afghan Women’s Leadership Initiative on Gender-Based Violence (AWLI-GBV) FY14
  • Operation AmeriCorps
  • Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant Program
  • General Section to HUD?s Fiscal Year 2015 Notice[s] of Funding Availability (NOFAs) for Discretionary Programs
  • National Disaster Resilience Competition
  • Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) Annual Program Statement (APS)
    2014 & 2015 GDA APS
  • Notice of the Department?s Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 NOFAs for Discretionary Programs

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