School Grants for Single Mothers: Continue Your Education for You and Your Children’s Future

grants 2 If you are a single mom, you will surely understand how enticing it is to pursue your education in the hopes of landing a higher paying and stable job. But with the incredible cost of getting a degree in college and the possibility of incurring more debts, many single mothers just opt to set aside their dreams of college education. The good news is that there are now school grants for single mothers that can give them the help they need for them to afford their schooling and help them to pay everything off the moment they have graduated.

Giving school grants to single parents for them to continue with their education and reduce their debts can bring about a lot of benefits not only to them but also to the whole society. Through financial assistance to single moms, there is a higher chance for them to make more money after they have graduated and make them less reliant on the subsidies given by the government later on.

Where to Find School Grants for Single Mothers

There are plenty of grants available for the single mothers and parents, including:

  • State specific grants
  • Federal grants
  • School specific grants
  • Private grants

State Specific School Grants

There are plenty of states that offer student loans to those single parents who have plans to go back to school. These programs exist for the single parents for both living and educational expenses. Great examples of these grants are:

  • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants or FSEOG
  • California Grant Program or CalGrant
  • Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund
  • Kansas Comprehensive Grant
  • New York Tuition Assistance Program or TAP

Federal School Grants for Single Moms

The Federal Pell Grant or commonly known as the Single Mother Grant is a need-based grant program specifically made for the single parents. For single parents who have plans to reduce their student loans, this program is the first one that you should apply to.

These grants were able to help a lot of single parents to afford their college education. The best thing about Pell Grant is that there is no need for you to repay it.

Private School Grants for the Single Mothers

There are also private organizations that offer school grants for single mothers such as the The Jeanette Rankin Foundation Scholarship Program and Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation for Low-Income Women and Children. These private grants have been established for the purpose of helping mothers pursue their education and empower them to benefit not only themselves and their families but even the whole community.

Being a single mother should not stop you from continuing your education and getting a degree that you can use to find a good job that will give you the income that you can use for raising your kids. With the help of these grants, single moms can now have the assurance that they can become better and be a good provider to their children.

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