Statistics on single mothers

smf13 Even though, in the past single mothers for being always judged nowadays being a single mother is rather usual.  However if you take a look at the statistics of the number of single mothers you will see that there are a lot of women that have decided to be single mothers or have become such due of some circumstances.

According to some studies there are 13.7 million single parents only in the United States and these parents are raising 22 million children.

Even though some people may think that single moms have decided to be single moms this is not true because the majority of single moms have been committed relationship before and they never expected to become single parents. There are a lot of reasons why single moms became single moms and it is not our place to judge them.

According to some statistics of the US Census Bureau our assumptions that most single parents are mothers is proven to be correct.  According to their statistics 82.2% of custodial parents are mothers and the rest 17.8 percent are fathers.

But if we think that most single mothers are single mothers on their own choice that is not correct.  There are a lot of reasons why they have become single parents ant the most common are these: 44.2% of single mothers are divorced or separated, 36.8% have never been married, 18% have remarried after being divorced or widowed,  and only 1.1% are widowed.  When it comes to the fathers 53.5% of them are divorced or separated and 24.7% of them have never been married.

Another thing that people think when it comes to single mothers is that most of them are unemployed. But this is not true. Out of all single mothers 76% of them are gainfully employed 53.2% of them work full time  22.8% work part time out of the fathers 85.1% are gainfully employed.

We might believe that single parents and their children live in poverty.  According to some studies it is likely for these families to live in poverty but that is not the case with single mothers in the United States.  The number of single mothers that lived in poverty is 30.4%. And the number of fathers that lived in poverty with their children is 18.84%.

Another thing that people believe is that most of the single mothers receive government assistance.  But when you look at the statistics you’ll see that only 41.3% of single mothers receive some form of government assistance.  The percentage is small because most of the single mothers try to make it on their own by working two jobs,  receiving help from their parents,  or they receive help from their ex partners.  When it comes to fathers only 20.9% of single fathers receive some form of government assistance.

Another assumption which has actually been proven correct according to the statistics is that most of the single moms are young.  This is actually proven true because only 37.2% of single mothers are 40 years or older.  The rest of them are younger than 40 years.

The last assumption about which we’ll talk about in this article is whether single moms are raising one or more children.  People assume that single moms are raising multiple children but that is not actually true. Only 44.1% of single mothers have two or more children, while the other 57.2% all raising only one child.

Keep in mind that these statistics apply for single mothers in the United States.  But nevertheless, the situation for single mothers in other countries it’s similar to this as well.  So please do not go out and make all kinds of assumptions for single mothers, but rather if you know a single mother try to help her in any possible way that you can.

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