Ways for Single Mothers to De-stress

kickboxing If you are a single mother and you are busy all the time we know how hard it is to find some time to yourself and just relax. You hardy find the time needed to clean after your kids and even that is sometimes impossible. But no matter what, every one of us needs to find time to relax and de-stress. Here are some of the best ways that you can sit back and relax and loose some of that stress that you have gathered up in yourself.

  1. Designate some ‘Quiet Time’
    This is almost impossible and really valuable. If you are able, depending on your children, try to find some time for ‘Quiet time’. Turn off all electrical devices, sit back and just relax. If your children still take naps you can use this time, if they are older you may tell them to play or read quietly in their room. You can use this time to do many different things, you can take a bath, do your nails, read a magazine, take a nap yourself or anything that comes to your mind. This is the best way to loose stress. After the ‘Quiet time’ you will feel so much better, full of energy and positive emotions.
  2. Select and complete at least one daily task
    This might not seem fun for you, but it is a really good way to de-stress. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do. You could do the dishes or clean a room. In any case you will feel good about yourself once you have accomplished something that you wanted to do. Plus you will also make your house a little cleaner. You can even include your kids in this by making it some kind of a game. Among other things this will teach them responsibility.
  3. Get some fresh air
    This can be done by yourself or together with your kids. If the weather is nice take go out of the house to the nearest park, or if you have a house with a yard even there. You can let your kids run around and play, while you sit back relax, maybe read a book or a magazine or anything that comes to mind. If you are not able to go out due to bad weather just open the windows to let some fresh air into your home.
  4. Listen to Music
    Listening to music, especially slow tracks, will really help you relax. You can do this while lying in bed or in your car while driving. Listening to music has been proved to be very beneficial because it decreases anxiety levels, blood pressure and heart rate.
  5. Play mind games
    If you have some free time for yourself and you have a free computer or tablet or anything by your side you might want to check out some web pages where you can play mind games. If you’re interested in finding a fun one, we advise you to visit www.internetflashgames.com where you can find all sorts of games to help you relax and lose stress.

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